Mary Had A Laser Bat

Wow – Vi Hart explains the 12-tone series, but also touches on patterns, creativity, philosophy, and creates some very good and funny versions of Mary Had A Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but my favourite was the avant garde piece inspired by Copyright Law (she couldn’t use Schoenberg or Stravinsky because, copyright).

This video is long – but mind blowing, and educational. Really good, and several bits of it I was ‘How does she even THINK that way?’. Genius is an over-applied abstract noun, but I think after watching the video and the musical shapes and re-compositions, you might agree.

Also I think there should be an advanced kid/adult Sesame Street with Vi Hart and others, as an educational TV show…I miss the old OU and Children’s shows, I used to watch those when they were on, but it would combat the dumb, really. But for now, we have her YouTube channel! Yay!

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