Another George Carlin PSA

Just a reminder folks – as the British Government tries to force new NSA-style laws through, and US police SWAT teams can blow a chunk out of a two year old looking for a minor drug dealer, or worse…and they covered up for paedophiles, ‘lost’ the reports, and it turns out some of the craziest of conspiracy theories might just be coming back to roost. Simply, they don’t give a fuck about you.

You have no rights, just the illusion of rights, because as soon as you protest or express them – or even just minding your own business in your home – you’ll soon find out where the money is, and it’s usually at the end of a truncheon or gun. Ask Cherry Groce, or Oscar Grant, or Ian Tomlinson, or Blair Peach. Oh no, you can’t, because they were murdered by police, killed by the State. Not to mention those abused, raped or missing.

Will more than a few care enough to do anything? Will there be riots as people realise that their ‘rights’ – even illusory ones – are being taken away, that there is ‘No Future’ and the rich pulled up the ladder to the ‘spaceship’ out of here decades ago? That some have been ‘lizard-like’ in protecting the status quo, in a fashion that’s starting to make Utopia and Black Mirror into a factual series? Doubtful.

But, it’s just a ride…oops wrong comedian, same sentiment though.

Relatio Clash

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