Pepe Julian Onziema is my new hero

The Pride recently it’s easy to focus just on the good happy side of the LGBTQ family, but outside the West the situation is far from the party it usually ends up being. I love that John Oliver started like that, then went into describing the mess than the British and US have made in Uganda and Africa generally over gay rights, reminding us all the battle is far from won. And yes ‘Ugandhi’ Pepe Julian Onziema is a complete hero, a trans activist who is fighting the new laws in Uganda and he is fighting for LGBTQ rights over there. Respect.

Here’s part two, which goes more indepth – I love the fact he said ‘Sorry doesn’t cut it’. It’s nice to hear a true activist on TV, one that doesn’t have snappy soundbite black/white answers. The situation is far from clear on the ground, usually…and doesn’t really translate so easily into a 30-second soundbite (nor should it, that’s part of the problem of TV outside of Daily Show/John Oliver and a few others who fight that dumbing down of politics and subjects on TV – I still find it funny that comedians are now doing the job the news refuses to do).

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