99 Problems And A Mashup Aint One (or Two)

You might have seen quite a few Jay-Z 99 Problems vs Nena related mashups already today. I couldn’t possibly comment, as it’s all secret codeword: Project Flake. But check over at r/mashup or your favourite mashup site for a special crumplebangtastic treat. 😉

And it seems DJNoNo has got in on this 99 mania, because Tim’s away at Glastonbury the mice do indeed play. All 99 of them, attached to little red balloons. WHEEE! If you missed your dose of Accordions or Happy Hardcore, NoNo-style you is in for a treat. Otherwise I suggest running in the opposite direction, followed by little mice hovering on balloons.

This is the Squeezettes live version of 99 Red Balloons vs Jay-Z with his 99 Problems (And Solange Aint One). Fun fact: the line is stolen from Ice-T, but the bitch referred to in Jay-Z’s track is a double meaning, it’s actually referring to a dog. It’s a true story about being pulled over by the police, and waiting for the drug sniffer dog to turn up (the Canine in the lyrics) which turned up late so Jay-Z got away, even though he had drugs in the boot of his car.

Download: 99 Polkas (And A Ballet Aint One) Squeezettes – 99 Red Balloons vs 99 Problems by Jay-Z. – Soundcloud

99 hardcore problems

And this is the infamous happy hardcore version of 99 Red Balloons by Jimmy Jay that was such a hit at the Bootie Bastard Invasion in 2006, mixed with Jay-Z again. Features a familiar voice also – this is almost breakcore speed, 180+bpm bitches! 😉

Download: 99 Hardcore Problems (Jimmy Jay vs Jay-Z) – Soundcloud

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