Enjoy the Science – 8-bit Operators tribute to Depeche Mode

It was last year that I first heard Bacalao’s version of Depeche Mode’s But Not Tonight and it’s become one of my favourite covers OF ALL TIME. It’s great, honestly. So I’ve been waiting for the full compilation since then – it was going to be ‘coming soon’, and that seems to have stretched out to a year, but no matter. It’s finally coming on the 10th of June on digital and CD – the 8-bit Operators Depeche Mode covers compilation. Squeee! Listening to the 3 demo tracks, it sounds like it’s another classic. And you can also download a promo mix from all the tracks.

You might have heard of 8-bit Operators on Radio Clash especially in the 8-bit show, or elsewhere because of their previous cover albums, the Beatles, Devo and more infamously Kraftwerk which got the nod from the Robots themselves.

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