Another in the ‘where have you been?’ category – Black Moth Super Rainbow

Ever since watching that frankly brain-melting Tobacco video, I’ve been meaning to check out his other stuff, and that lead me to his ‘day job’ – frontman for ‘super-secretive*’ band Black Moth Super Rainbow. And I have to say, two tracks in and I LOVE what I hear. Not as experimental as their wiki makes out – maybe they lull people in with candy – but kind of a cross of Air with Boards of Canada. Lovely. At risk of eyeroll hipster-sneer (hipsters you keep copying my styles anyway, so die hipster scum, die) I’d not heard their music before, and surprised I’d not heard of them. Then again, there wouldn’t be the wondrous moment of finding something new, would there?

Check out Sun Lips below, very magic realist/surreal, and the spacey video for Gold Splatter where you expect some ironic moment, some post-modern joke, and wonderfully it never comes. Bliss and sublime are just that, sometimes.

* umm, all experimental/electronica acts are, from BOC to Coil to Aphex. I assume because you can’t really talk about electronica/IDM without sounding really The Wire level wanky, shyness and lack of stuff to say rather than real mystique usually. Be more surprising and avant garde if they turned up and did Hello! magazine or something.

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