John Oliver saves the internet

Well not exactly…yet. But putting Net Neutrality in terms that everyone can understand (Stopping Cable Fuckery indeed) he’s not only boosted the anti-FCC cause, trolls and commenters have melted the FCC servers. Good work!

If you want to pile in on the 4chan style scrum, or care that in the supposed Land of the Free regulation of telecom cartels is treated like scabies so thus speeds are slower than Estonia (!) and more expensive than probably here, well have fun and comment.

I’ve said before how it’s surprising as a visitor how wrapped up and uncompetitive the US comms market is, I usually end up buying a phone because Verizon/AT&T et all don’t want SIM card competition, or indeed allow you to even own or replace a SIM card! These companies are screwing everyone…ironically some came out of the Baby Bells, which was probably the last time any real regulation took place.

The worrying thing for me is if this would spread to here…or affect the bigger pipes. I don’t think so, because of EU anti-trust and comms regulation but who knows…certainly I suspect like with people working to cut out America for routing/DNS because of the NSA relegations, if Net Neutrality started to affect global customers then the rise of non-US internet infrastructure would happen apace.

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