Duke Dumont – I Got U (MK mix)

No-one tells me anything. Kind of out of the loop on the British Charts (I wish there was a way of rectifying that without having to inflict loads of Guetta clones on myself) but I loved Duke Dumont’s Need U (100%) last year, and in March he released a new single, I Got U based on the Whitney Houston song. I was dimly aware of that…but a friend posted the video, which is very cool – but then I saw there was a MK mix. THAT MK? Of skippety-skippety 90’s house fame? Yup. And it’s a piano-house stormer.

The original video is pretty cool too, love the Better Than Life Red Dwarf mention, and that waiver isn’t very binding – it’s all lorem ipsum! Strange they released what I’d say is a surefire big summer hit in January (Belgium) and March (UK) though…May/June would’ve been far better!

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