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I’ve seen this closer before – I think live when he was on that tour – but the bit about ‘I used to have some tyoe of social relevance in my act. There was a point where I really gave a shit about stuff, to a point where it was ruining my life. still resonates so much. I watched him on Alex Jones’ Info Wars, and not only did he very cleverly bring out the crazy in Alex (‘True’ Christian? Go to other planets? Fluffy universal conciousness? Homosexuality is destructive?) but also detailed his shift into not giving shit – well not entirely, if you watch the end. NSFW, as with any Stanhope video.

It’s refreshing to see someone say that, thing is people get all the preachers, proselytisers, politicians and the passionate types all ranting on about how THEIR particular Brand X will change the world, but it’s mostly bullshit – or if it isn’t, the sad thing is people aren’t listening anyway. But I’m sure like Russell Brand people are so hypocritical in their complicity in not changing the system. ‘Oh you can’t say that!’. But as you’ll find if you do point out the food to the starving, they won’t eat it, and if they do they won’t thank you for it, some other bugger will get credit – but even that would be a victory of sorts but it’s rare. But the world doesn’t change, people still get married and have children, and drive cars and head for the Big Closing. Lemming-style. And they go on at me for being the nihilist! LOL. I’m just trying to minimise the damage I do while I’m here, but most people don’t actually, truly care. Like in the whole ‘changey’ part of the ‘hopey changey thing’ – remember that? Seems most people got bored with the hopey bit and moved on. Too much work.

I just hope like Doug when it all does go phoom, I’m near a convenient exit point to get out of the way of the debris…and I have a drink or two to take with me 😀

EDIT: Here’s the ‘Austen Incident’ as mentioned in the Alex Jones interview. It’s really good, and shows how Doug Stanhope copes with such a riled up crowd, and thrives with chaos. Genius in action! Even Alex Jones hits the good points here (you can keep the chemtrails and cancer virus stuff, but yeah, Saddam et al were placed there then knocked down, like Gaddafi was). Oh and Abu Ghraib jokes? Was that a decade ago? Makes me feel OLD.

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