Drugs are fun for the person taking them, but quite often embarrassing for everyone else…mmmkay?

I’ve always thought people take acid or psychedelics in remote locations partly because of this, that they realise how silly they look – or everywhere else ‘evil eye’ they get from others is all the eye-rolling about another giggly acid casualty thinking they are, like, SO profound, man. WOAH! It’s great to be on the inside (although these things never totally worked for me, the door to the secrets of the universe remained firmly locked) but less so on the outside.

Radio Clash was the I think first podcast to be recorded on psychedelics back in June 2005 – magic mushrooms which were then still legal in the UK. When editing it after, I spent hours of listening to blank space, the odd very undemonstrative ‘wow’, the internal conversations that mean nothing apart from you at that moment (and you forget what it means after, so it’s gone). Like the people setting out canvases or notepaper during a trip you think there’s going to be some mass outpouring of profound creativity or wisdom, but actually no.

Also, I wince when I see the end pictures which are the result of our Amsterdamned weekend. There was a group one which was even worse and got immediately banned from ever being online…A lot of fun, but there’s a similar ‘wow…’ montage in that too, which is rendered comical since we were lost in Amsterdam and worse for wear. But after, people were laughing at us…even those on tour boats seem to slow down and say ‘here are some classic coffee-shop casualties’ :-/

So kids, think before you trip! And hide all cameras and recording equipment, and do it somewhere really remote…

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