Tim makes a showreel

Usually promoting other people’s work – or sometimes mine in musical form. But finally got round to doing a showreel – a highlights reel more accurately. Just thought some of you might be interested what I do for a sort-of day job…

It includes everything from my video mashups to idents, stings, apps, tube adverts and animation for online. That included After Effects post-production (tracking, keying, matting, Expressions, titling etc) and animation from flat artwork/scratch, Premiere and Avid editing, design/artwork creation, grading/Looks, pseudo-3D animation, sound design and edit (the mashup in the backing track was my production also), sourcing and even some DSLR shoot in there for my own work 😉

It relies rather heavily on the mashup work for several reasons: one, sadly I don’t have copies of everything I’ve worked on commercially, and lost some in a disk corruption. Two – I only really like to put up the interesting work, there is a lot of graduate videos and corporate video, which I’ve dropped the odd clip from but endless lower thirds != exciting video. Three – credit: I know of people who are strangely happy to claim other’s work including mine, but I only like to put stuff in if I did the majority of the work – but a contractor’s lot is quite often to polish the turd end product, and so it gets fuzzy who did what. But the mashup work I’ve done everything, usually as an exercise to explore some technique or show my editing and post-production skills – so it’s all me, well apart from the original source material, but that’s the general lot with editing, you usually don’t shoot it too (I have done that too, Modern renaissance man, me.)

Also – how exactly DO you show editing skills in a showreel, apart from the reel itself? I’m sure many people think “Ooh, nice jump cut there! I really love that fade! I love your A/B edit skills!” err, probably not…hence why it’s mainly the shiny stuff here.

Well anyway, now I’ve enticed you with candy, GIS’ A JOB! Weddings, bar mitzvahs, openings, closings…

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