Don’t Put A Ring On It

I’ve never really gotten the romance industry, or all these commercialised methods of expressing love, like Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s or Father’s Day. Yes sometimes you play along (I doubt I will get my blowjob today, I might get the steak though :-P) but as this video points out, quite often these things aren’t tradition, they are from advertising campaigns. It a bit like Coca Cola turning Santa red, or Freud’s cousin getting women to smoke as an emancipation move. Complete brainwashing, but as the video also points out, the power of social approbation and essentially a form of blackmail is strong.

It’s partly why although I support gay marriage, I’m personally a bit meh about it, as it’s obvious certain corporates are champing at the bit to flog loads of wedding tat to queens with no sense of style and an addiction to shiny things. Equality doesn’t mean you have to copy DeBeers or the straight bad example, you know?

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