RC 253: Leftovers (Odds and Sods #16)

The cards and lights still left up, here’s all the leftovers from 2013 in one handy show, with some old Crumplebang/Soundclown crackers thrown in for good measure and and undrunk 10cc bottle. Cover featuring vintage Tiny Hippo and Tiny Train. Brought to you by ‘Is the feed still on?’

I’m Not In Love, I Just Left My Forwarding Address (175Mb, 2:20)

  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Please Remain Seated
  • rastatroll – Big Up (feat General Levy)
  • Tears For Fears – And I Was A Boy From School (Hot Chip Cover)
  • Martin Garrix – Animals (McMaNGOS Funnymals Edit)
  • Thomas Ripper – Nyanimals
  • The Living Tombstone – Cottonimals
  • UWBW – Let s Browse Soundcloud
  • MCMaNGOS aka Martin Garrix – Bengaboys (Benga vs Vengaboys)
  • franjazzco – real-trap-shyt
  • dingus reginald – soundclown 101: how to talk like a soundclown professional [OFFICIAL]
  • DJ Detweiler Vs. Skype.exe – Hold the Line [feat Major Lazer, Cajemere & DJ Godfader] (Bubble Trap Chi GetoTek remix)
  • The Parliamentalist – Welsh Flea
  • Tipsy – Kadonka
  • rastatroll – Its Raining BattyMen
  • Todd Edwards – My Morning Fleetwood
  • Run The Jewels – No Come Down
  • Pulp – After You (Soulwax Remix)
  • Disclosure – What’s In Your Head
  • Savages – City’s Full
  • Danny Byrd – Rock Opera
  • Icona Pop – Its My Party featuring Zebra Katz
  • The Record Producers – 10cc (excerpt)
  • 10CC – Art For Art’s Sake
  • Hotlegs – Um Wah Um Woh
  • Rastatroll Battyboy Soundsystem – Dreadlock Holiday
  • Autre Ne Veut – Ego Free Sex Free
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Jupiter (Our System) (Demo)
  • Daughter – Lifeforms
  • Phoenix Project – Corale plus Kierkegaard & Hitchens (from Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service)
  • John Grant – Glacier

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  1. Dun Dun The Piper's Son
    January 15

    Love the mixing between Pulp (Soulwax) and Disclosure.

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