Death Vessel

Hello! From the Xmas Hinterland and Land of Pseudoephedrine! In my Pholcodine and post-Xmas haze* I love this from Death Vessel which came around randomly on Soundcloud.

It went something like this:

  • Ooh this sounds like Jonsi!
  • *googles*
  • Oh it IS Jonsi…
  • Damn it won’t be released til February.

But if I survive my Traditional Xmas Illness and haven’t totally forgotten by then, I might get it. No promises, because between the 2 month wait, alcohol and the Dextromethorphan (not at the same time, I’m not that stupid) I’ll probably forget I even typed this.

* usually traditional to make some comment about discarded wrapping paper, taking down the Xmas tree, mess everywhere or over-eating, but since I’ve been feeling shit all Xmas so didn’t eat that much, haven’t got a tree and didn’t get any presents, it would be a lie.

There has been the traditional Xmas travel chaos – OMG BAD WEATHER IN WINTER WHO KNEW? – people diving after dogs in rivers and drowning, people crashing their cars and/or getting stranded, flooding, airport Xmas Day/Boxing Day travel refugees, the usual stuff including my Dad having no power (another classic, although I hope they managed to get it back on Xmas Day) but none of those have a Warm Fake Upworthy Xmas glow about them…but are as predictable as the telly being shit.

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