Real beauty and drunken suits

I generally have a ‘no adverts’ rule on Radio Clash – that also applies to the posts as much as what lies around them, I want no advertorials here! Interestingly this is the second time Dove have featured here as an exception though – first time with their anti Photoshop adverts, and glad to see that several years down the line they are keeping on with their ‘real beauty’ campaign. I suspected it was a flash in the pan, but I’m glad to be wrong.

Here it was more like an artist’s approach – they took women and made sketches of a forensic artist who didn’t see them of how they saw themselves, and then also sketches taken from the descriptions of a stranger they had just met. Amazing how the message is that we tend to treat ourselves far more critically than others do, which is a very powerful message for an advert to hold. Usually it’s some floaty fluffy supermodel telling us how wonderful we are which the response usually is ‘yeah right you would say that’ – but with people who are more down to earth, but seem confident and nice and indeed pretty to be so hard on themselves and others so forgiving, well that’s a hard lesson about self image. (via Adrian Tysoe)

This applies as just as much to men, sad they didn’t feature men but then again Dove is usually targeted at women…reminds me of the recent incident where a drunken rude man on the Tube was hassling a lone younger girl (I’d just seen the Who Are You video so felt empowered). I intervened, and it ended up with a vocal argument between him and John with this suited city type saying repeatedly how John and I were ‘dirty and bearded’ – it’s exactly this attitude, that surface is worth more than what’s inside that needs to be destroyed. I think drunkenly harassing a lone younger woman on the Tube is far worse and uglier than being ‘dirty and bearded’ although me and John are far from ‘dirty’ thankyouverymuch. I did point out as apparently ‘dirty and bearded’ types we still knew how to behave even while drunk on trains, we still knew what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

It shows someone who is completely ugly on the inside, yet we judge those on shallow values of surface as being more or less ‘respectable’ and approachable than others. It also confirms what I think of suited City banker types, that are not good people at all, sociopathic wankers in fact. Strangely they get more respect for their default uniform by the public at large than those who are brave enough to be different, and have unlike them retained the core values of politeness, empathy and respect. Maybe if we learn to love ourselves we won’t be so harsh on those who are different, by choice or otherwise? It would be a start, anyway.

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