The hijacking of gay equality as the new crusade and ‘War on Terror’

You need to read this article about HRC and vulture funds– Paul Singer, Daniel Loeb and HRC trying to pinkwash their evil and use the fight for LGBTQ equality to push US interests ‘in our name’.

This is why some of the Russia stuff didn’t ring right to me. I hate what Russia is doing, but I can also see there are many other geopolitical reasons for the West to attack Russia at the moment, and sensed that our campaign was being hijacked by the 1% as a convenient weapon, as propaganda. Hypocrisy being is the very neocons and evil bankers helping fund this also fund the right-wing…you know, the people who want to take away gay rights? Those people.

And they get their money from sucking the third world and less economically stable countries dry – taking money from warzones, from dictators, from the poor. Do we want their blood money?

“A benighted country that’s not the United States, a rich guy, a poor child with tire marks on his back, and — who knows. Isn’t that what the new landscape of LGBT organizing is all about?”

Sounds about normal to me.

White privilege, neoliberal/libertarian identity politics and arguing over what we should call X or Y and ignoring the real issues, ‘personal revolution’ over everything else and such creeds that would make Ayn Rand proud. Ties into what I recently mentioned about Burning Man on Facebook and Twitter, there is a co-opting of the radical by these people, perverting the ideals into some warped and privileged idea of self-actualisation. I had hoped such identity wars were left in the 90’s but looks like with the music they are also making a comeback.

It all follows that sad old line of personal freedom that Freud’s cousin Edward Bernays loved. It’s your patriotic right to smoke yourself to death as emancipation! It’s your right to fuck anyone you choose on holiday even though the country will be a satellite shell dictatorship paying off 2000%+ interest and most people will be forced to whore themselves out – and probably die of the diseases they get! It’s your right to go burn loads of fuel in desert and then burn things and claim it’s radical and ecological! Hell yes! Preach it brother! Even the likes of Apple promotes this bullshit, that to have a new iPhone is your right and makes you sexier and more creative and it’s all there for the taking, and fuck the Chinese workers! It’s topsy-turvy unlinked closeted thinking.

Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani as mentioned in the article is on- and indeed following – the money when it comes to those things:

Particularly in the USA many/most LGBT activists have a hard time linking their issues to broader social, economic and political realities, as they are too self-absorbed in all their identity politics. I hope that not many people in the Global South will agree to do work funded with this extremely dirty money — if they know where it is coming from. But sometimes, people are facing such difficult circumstances that they can’t afford to be so principled.

I didn’t know of HRC’s hook up with Paul Singer, but given some of their past decisions to depoliticise for profit and ignore certain groups in the past (Trans activists are far from happy with them for instance, and not the only queer grouping that have problems with their agenda) then I’m not totally surprised. HRC are a very conservative organisation – but even I am surprised of them linking up with vulture capitalists, especially when having the cheek to talk about international LGBTQ rights especially in the developing countries. Which as we all know, will be directly affected by the economies they live in, from access to healthcare, HIV meds and prevention to jobs for people so they don’t have to live or work on the street.

But the queens will have their expensive dinners and ball and pretend like they can, like totally make a difference…while stepping over the poor people in the street to get to the black tie event. It’s that kind of reactionary politic, blindness, willingness for unbridled hedonism with no thought of consequence nor who gets paid hardly anything to clean up their mess…well it’s entitlement and privilege in a nutshell. And sadly although I don’t want to sound like an old separatist revolutionary queer, it does seem many of those who rush to get married and assimilate are some of the worst on worker’s rights, racial issues, unions, wage protection, even happy to whittle away hard-won rights of free expression cos eww, we hate naked people unless we fancy them, then it’s OK. We don’t like those people around here. The fall of ‘Rome’, bread and circuses. Although sadly with the formerly oppresses in the Emperor’s seat. How nice to be the flamboyant monkey for a new set of organ grinders?

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