Hubble 3D Deep Space Field

Amazing and humbling stuff…Hubble has over the last few decades pointed into what seems dark and uninhabited space and picked up 10,0000 new points of light. Each of these isn’t a star, but a galaxy like our own made up of many stars – all from areas in the sky previously thought to be empty.

NASA later used the redshift to create a 3D animation going through the Ultra Deep Space field…back to 800-500 million years after the formation of the universe. That may sound a lot, but in the many billion of years timespan of the universe that is actually first baby steps.

This animation reminds me of the Small Blue Dot…another landmark on how we perceive our small little planet, yellow average sun and mid sized galaxy in the massive scale of the universe.

I guess the next thing is looking back to the time of the formation, what/if any light from that might have reached us? EDIT: further reading confirms this, with the eXtreme Deep Field image being released last year going back to 450 million years after Big Bang! (via Ian Fondue)

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