Another Blurred Lines parody

But this is a good one – Defined Lines, indeed. A feminist response to the horror that is the original Robin Thicke video. Interesting all the mansplaining and whining about objectification of men in this video. You know what that sound is? It’s the POINT missing you by several miles.

Strange how the original has been taken down for ‘violating YouTube guidelines for ‘displaying sexually explicit content’…how exactly? Compared to the original, this is tame. I didn’t know pointing out how much Robin Thicke is a sexist dick was in there? Then again they keep changing the T&C’s every few weeks nowadays so they could have sneaked it in…(via Felix Five)

Stop the press – found another one, which is closer to the original but featuring ‘boylesque’ troupe Modcarousel, it’s far more queer and genderbending – and in fact, the rapping and singing is FAR better than the original!

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