Get Off Mah Lawn: BPI, Filters & Law

Missed this missive about the BPI…who from personal experience are a complete bunch of numpties, so I approve. All those royalties go to the highest sellers, not the actual poorer/smaller artists. It’s a complete protection racket, and true that the record labels loved underground scenes – like mashups – but publicly didn’t want to be associated while paying for remixes and mashups on the downlow – all those kids using cracked versions of Acid Pro and Ableton. Total hypocrisy.

And check out Dan Bull’s latest about the whole Web Filter Porn debate…yes Cameron is a wanker, and the idea is so flawed it’s not true.

What with the new Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill with it’s IPNAs and PSPOs (Public Spaces Protection Orders) the country is becoming more and more ‘Them and Us’ and I hate to say it, as it’s a complete cliche, but another step to a police state. I mean when you have the Ramblers of all people, not exactly radical kendal mint cake and parka types opposed, then you know something is completely wrong. You know rich types are going to use such laws to git the proles orf mah lawn – even if there is a public right of way there. And the new ASBOs – the less snappily titled Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance – apply to anyone over 10 FOR LIFE and along with the Dispersal Orders they can be applied only if you are ‘annoying’ someone or if they think you might annoy someone. Completely vague, and like the ASBOs they will be abused, probably to affect people’s right to assembly.

Can Haz Proper Constitution Plz?

As I said on Twitter I do think there should be a new Kinder Scout mass trespass if these laws come into effect and are used to protect the rich places. I would suggest the still closed Thames Path going through Windsor Great Park – yes Queen stopped those nasty scruffy walker types walking along her lawn. Even though everything she owns is actually ours, or she stole it from us…

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