Posing DJs

Posing DJs

Surprised it took so long (after DJ Notes and Depressed Producers & DJs but DJ press shots are a mine of unintentional humour and a level of geeky/testosterone awkward that gives Awkward Band Photos a run for it’s rather dubious currency. So I present to you Posing DJs in all it’s far-too-‘shopped and embarrassingly posed glory. (via Soundhog). So many people doing Ibeefa in the local sand playpit, or trying to be techno by the local grain-bin or park? *boggles*

Interesting thing is a lot of DJs, especially in the more commercial arena have Facebook pages with pictures like this, even mashup DJs…makes me want to dust off my portrait skills and create something less cliched…it’s not hard, it just means having a few new ideas! Or at least stealing a few good ones from elsewhere…

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