The Sound of Pi and Phi

I HATED Maths as a kid, but have to say I love Numberphile, been watching hours of this via the previous video. I’m guessing this is supposed to be for teenagers, I really wished I had something like this when I was doing maths. I think if someone had introduced Pi, Golden Mean and suchlike correctly I wouldn’t have seen it as an awful slog, as today I am fascinated by music and maths, and mathematical geometry especially from the classical period. And as an artist I liked encoding sequences in my work, like barcodes, or subliminals, loved the idea of secret message in a work that only I knew of, but others could work out (no-one ever did, though).

Not too sure about the later math metal track, but like the fact they encoded Phi all the way through:

And Fibonacci kilt, what’s not to like?!?

And if you want to blow your mind again, something I did know about before is Zeno’s Paradox. When you combine that with the revelation that we never actually touch anything on an atomic level, it gets even weirder, I guess.

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