Plastic Cup – Low (video)

What’s with the black and white & glitter early cinema feel in music videos? Here’s another one!

Still love this song and album, but now with a great video, with Alan’s sarcastic Thunderbirds motions (for a while I was wondering if it was some effect then realised it was his performance) and the odd post-apocalyptic creatures…seems to be a theme, what with the previous video having Mimi sing ‘Just make it stop’ and then the plants take over:

Sounds like they are back in November for ATP (that must be the last one surely? Tempting although probably sold out…) and some more intimate shows. After the excellent but strangely bloodless Barbican show (really, rock gigs and tiers of seats and people that don’t even breathe don’t mix, it was strange – also felt too young to be there, even at 40, like this was a bit too scarily reverent, a bit too Radio 2…) so tempted to see them in a more closer setting…

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