An old-fashioned Chart Ding Dong

Well the whole saga of That Woman’s Funeral continues, with not only Glenda the Good Witch speaking and poking the hagiographic bubble, but 8 million for her funeral in the midst of austerity? When the likes of Atlee and Bevan (invented that NHS thing, you might not have heard of it?) never had a funeral that? Craziness.

And now as Judy Garland’s Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead rushes up the charts, the BBC refuses to play in full the song on the chart show tomorrow. It’s a minor protest compared to the rest, but it shows the strange deference and forelock tugging that has been going on about Mrs T’s legacy, when they’ve always known that the majority of people hate her (I agree with Jarvis Cocker’s comment that it would be strange for such an intentionally divisive politician to not have any negative protest at her death).

There is a vocal minority praising her as Saint Margaret but most people don’t either care or actively hate her. How else can you explain the really low figure that ‘tribute’ programs about her death that Monday night only pulled in 2.6m (10% of that night’s TV audience) – a damn squib and says that the people don’t care? The rich Tories do, but the mass public don’t – which again questions why she’s getting a full military funeral, Queen on tap, and a £8-10 million pricetag which should be paid in full by her estate since the public mandate isn’t there.

So even if the Cowardly Lion BBC doesn’t play the full song, the mashups & remixes are rolling in. Here are two from Ban This Sick Filth (aka Jez CMP) and oki – tempted to add one of these to the already recorded ‘Witch Is Dead’ Radio Clash show 😉

oki – the witch is dead (vintage remix)

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