RC 237: Pop is Dead 2 – Arseholes & Repetoire

Finally after over a year (!) the second part of the Pop Is Dead series. I promise to be more, well, quicker with the other parts…

This one is about two of our favourite people, the eternally dodgy A&R man and the usually shady manager.

Arista say they “love you but the kids can’t dance to it” (1:35, 90Mb)

  • The Alchemist – Industry Rule 4080 (Interlude)
  • Dale Wright – That’s Show Biz
  • XTC – Funk Pop A Roll
  • Bill Hicks – Satan Starmaker
  • Crumb – Record Company
  • Kitkat Band – Alien invasion
  • The Fall – Clasp Hands
  • Nick Lowe – I Love My Label
  • Stan Freberg – The Old Payola Roll Blues
  • The Kinks – Denmark Street
  • My Drug Hell – It’s good, but…
  • Gruppo Sportivo – I shot my manager
  • Stark Effect – The Beating Goes On
  • Sound of Sha’Bass – Take It Or Leave It
  • E40 – Record Company (Skit)
  • Sage Francis – Underground For Dummies
  • Jesus And Mary Chain – Write Record Release Blues
  • The Brakes – Heard About Your Band
  • Bruce Haack – Play Me Your Album
  • The Clash – Midnight To Stevens
  • The Sex Pistols – EMI (Orch.)
  • The Bonzo Dog Band – The Bride Stripped Bare by “Bachelors”

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