Reformed Sugababes lay down in a Swimming Pool

Can’t believe I’m posting about a reformed girl band, but then again Sugababes were never your usual dizzy girl group fresh from stage school, working with the likes of Richard X, and I think did an amazing thing that only a few* have managed to keep their cred and be pop at the same time.

So here’s the non-Sugababes branded Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan singing on Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools (Drank) called in their versions ‘Lay Down In Swimming Pools’ and they OWN it. Actually looking forward to the new album they’re working on now, which is amazing given my meh mood about pop recently – and the likes of Kendrick and others should get in there, pronto.

Oh and WANT this track. NOW. (via The Quietus, of all people…)

* Girls Aloud maybe? Definitely not their peers All Saints or Atomic Kitten!

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  1. March 15

    Had this on repeat since yesterday… always have loved Mutya’s voice and this is fab. Really looking forward to the album

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