The Return of the History of Mashups Show – as a RCL exclusive

Radio Clash LIVE! – new blog, new stream and now on iTunes! Tonight, Matthew I am going to bring back the History of Mashups show from the dead – this one is #8, ‘It’s All In The Dub’ which will be exclusive to Radio Clash Live – ie. NOT anywhere else – so listen or miss out! The last 30 mins of every live show will be exclusive to the stream, either as a History of Mashups show or just ‘Radio Clash Extra’ and won’t appear on the podcast (if there is one).

I think the main show I’ll do tonight is going to be a general show- after 3 themed podcasts it’s time for a change. Next week though it’s finally the second part of Pop is Dead series, I think. Only taken me a year! (then again History of Mashups stopped 8 years ago…). Speedy? Me? No.

Relatio Clash

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