Radio Clash: A New Hope

Well for the Radio Station anyway – yes I know the stream is not very good (especially as I write this, I managed to delete a load of shows and while I’m re-uploading them the stream will be as choppy as a choppy sea of chop suey with floating lamb chops and extra choppy bits in it). Shit basically, well it was free but I’m surprised anyone uses Listen2MyRadio at all, so many people can’t connect…Or even a few people can’t, just doesn’t happen – even me sometimes and it’s my stream! And my old Minimac that’s doing the serving isn’t really up to it either, although that doesn’t totally explain the odd frequent Radio Silences I get from Listen2MyRadio…

So there are bigger plans afoot – we have got a new dedicated server, and this week before Wednesday should see a switch to the new stream, if only temporary for the live broadcast. The big news is that it won’t just be my shows on the new station codename ‘Listen’ (but will probably have some Radio Clash branding unless there’s a good idea of something else 😉 will be a collaborative affair amongst several podcasters, many DJs, a mixture of pre-recorded and live shows – lots of really good content to give you a respite from my droning, boring voice. It also will have support for lower streams such as for mobile (although streaming over mobile is always fraught – Wifi is always more reliable) and Shoutcast clients. And eventually it’s own blog, if I can ever get the frigging virtual hosts to work…

And if you’re interested in taking part let me know via the Contact Form or the comments here – we’re looking for new shows, be they talk or music or both.

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