Cyanide & Happiness do the Harlem Shake

I wonder if this is what Baauer, and 5 million unhappy ‘faggots’ did to M.I.A. wannabe Azealia Banks. Gosh she’s become tiresome, fast…drop the F-word please. And maybe get your own beats? Also how lame was her ‘version’? Baauer was right to say no, it’s lazy. Nice video though.

Love Harlem Shake still after just over a week, but some of the videos at work are a little bit ‘dress up day’ enforced PR opportunity corporate joy, especially when design and advertising agencies get in on the act. But as memes there are worse ones, and I prefer it to Gangnam Style (which has already been mashed with Harlem Shake – no not by Captain Obvious, it was too obvious for him, but by Everyone Else In The Known Frigging Universe. All wanting a little of the Harlem Shake reflected linklove, just like Azealia/Azalea/Azaelea/Azaelia* did…it’s all a little, well, desperate. Like how Gangnam got the life squeezed out of it by endless ‘look at me’ remixes, parodies, mashups, covers…)

I guess that’s the nature of a hit nowadays, everyone jumps on it for their 15 seconds? Depressing. I might just be cranky cos I checked my Facebook feed for the first time today and all the new updates were people talking about, and to, themselves…so much noise, so little content. All talk and no listen?

I still love the tune though. And still glad to see Baauer get some props.

(video via Ian Fondue)

*I can never spell her name right…gah.

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