Never Buy The Sun aka did Leveson Not Teach You Anything?

I don’t really repost videos or songs, but ‘Never Buy The Sun’ – still free over at Billy Bragg’s website – is worth repeating. Sad that it needs to be repeated, since The Sun (or The Scum as any right thinking person calls them) since Hackgate and the Leveson enquiry they were promising to be good boys – that didn’t last long. How long before they hack the voicemails of another dead girl or bribe some more coppers again?

And given that The Scum has horrified many people today by posting bikini pictures of the dead wife of Oscar Pistorius, ‘leching over a corpse’ as someone described it, I guess it’s business as usual over at News International. I haven’t even started to unpack the mixed messages over domestic violence and women’s rights this is sending…

What was the point of the Leveson enquiry again? Do they really think you all are that thick to forget what happened at Hillsborough, Milly Dowler et al? Sadly it seems they do. And I agree with what Billy says in the clip – if you buy Sun or News of the World or any of the tabloids you are partly responsible, you are part of the problem.

So it needs repeating: Don’t buy The Sun or any News International paper or channel – still doesn’t sell that well in Liverpool by the way, despite apologies many don’t believe them and quite rightly so. (Or any tabloid, really – although NI ones are the worst the Daily Mail gives them a small-minded little-England run for their money (and also published bad taste lingerie shots of Reeva). Also I’ll never forgive the Sunday Express for their similar graverobbing tactics over the Dunblane children)

You might want to sign this petition too.

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