Bye Pope Naziburger

Neigh, unlike the horseburgers he’s not dead (sadly, I bet there is a special circle in hell for him) but he’s resigned. Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out…but do watch this NSFW video. Offended? Good.

Usually I’d be apologetic and touchy-feely about not offending people’s sensibilities, but when it comes to an ex-Hitler Youth pope who not only came to my country on my dime and told me I’m a filthy pervert while being part of Catholic PLC covering for paedophile priests, as well as the usual crap about birth control, abortion and the like…well there isn’t any love lost.

Apparently us gays are responsible for the ills of the world, also all equality measures has been opposed by his church under his reign including the very unchristian measure of repeatedly threatening to remove unrelated charity work if ‘forced’ to have equal employment rights! Don’t get me started either on the gay marriage kludge – wasn’t just the Anglicans pressuring for that one.

So good riddance to very bad rubbish. Can we have a more sensible model like JP1 now please? KThanxBai.

(excellent video via Mark Osysmyso)

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