Kraftwerk Kovers Kollection 8

How could I avoid this week without mentioning Kraftwerk (I know I tried) but then DJ Food in honour of the Tate shows and 25th anniversary of Solid Steel released a new version of Kraftwerk Kover Kollection – oh frabjous day! Warning: contains jazz.

I decided not to go to the Tate shows or try to, in part because what is funnily referenced at the start of this mix in Stephan Cox’s ‘Kraftwerk Ticket Blues’ – crazy attempt to get tickets, probably impossible to get, and really since it’s now just Ralf and some Kraftblokes I wasn’t wanting to play silly money to see a bunch of robots. Original lineup? Hell yeah. But Kraftwerk have become a covers band, ironically. And victims of their own hype…and hype of events like this. I just don’t want to go through what I went through with New Order again…I do have tickets to see Low in April as a birthday treat though 😉

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