DJ Nu-Mark

OK listen up children, THIS is how you do a good music video. Asteroids? Check. Subtle DVNO style tshirt anim? Check. Making the usually grey sky much more interesting and not pretending it was a haze free Caribbean day? Check. Quicktime getting a namedrop? *needle scratch* – WHAT? Yes indeedy. Watch and learn…

DJ Nu-Mark was the other DJ in Jurassic 5, I have still so much love for that first album of theirs, although sadly I didn’t really get the major label stuff…takes a lot of guts to update Steinski’s Lessons AND not mess it up, that’s cos the group had two great DJs in it – although I shamefully admit I’d followed Cut Chemist and pretty much lost touch with the rest…time to remedy that fact. (via Ian Fondue)

Relatio Clash

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