America you’re doing it wrong

Well that headline could cover a litany of ills, but for this post it’s EDM aka the terribly obvious acronym ‘Electronic Dance Music’ which used to be one of those American catch-all names – I mean they called grime and trip hop all rap, a genre blindness that can be refreshing in this endless ‘is it trapset or dubstrep or brostaph?’ battles – but now stands for Rustie, Skrillex et al. It seems that the US has finally cottoned onto dance music (hey you guys invented most of it – what took you so long?) for the first time since disco sucked and became gay.

So Vice UK has written a handy open letter about explaining rave to the Americans. Total comment bait, but very funny. And I agree, especially about the points of not making dance music into rock, nor moralising about drugs (I mean even Moby was usually wise enough to keep schtum and just say he didn’t partake) and the bit about drops in tracks – when I saw Skrillex (gladly very briefly) in 2011, and Afrojack there seemed to be a drop every 30 seconds which might be a crowd pleaser but makes it impossible to dance to. Which is the point, right?

Unless a DJ is just there to stand and press the drop button and raise his arms every 30 seconds while everyone cheers? That’s masturbation, that’s Steve Angello, that’s not dance music.

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