Cyberia & Information Superhighway 1995

I think we forget how much the Internets were a new novel thing in the past – namely 1994-1995. I recorded this on one of my old VHS tapes – a report from After 5 (no idea which channel, London based probably a ITV franchise) which covers this new ‘Information Superhighway’ (more of a Data Cul-de-sac or Internet Traffic Jam at the 9600 and 14k baud modem speeds!) – check out Netscape 1 or 2, the Cyberia internet cafe (first in the UK, early victim of the crash I think – they had ones even in my local town!) – E.M. (no-one ever used that did they? Or e-net! LOL) or electronic mail, usenet and an early cybersitter program. FTP! IRC! Surprised they didn’t mention the early attempts of virtual reality which were embarrassing in their simplicity (anyone remember the Virtual Nightclub project?).

I did my dissertation on Cyberspace so hence probably taping this in 1994 or 1995, I’d already been hacking out of my university since 1993, as for some reason they wanted to charge the students for JANET access and they didn’t like Web access so it didn’t arrive til late 1994.

You can see some of the odd VHS stuff I find, well the stuff that doesn’t get banhammered by the rights owners, tried to upload a Chart Show which has never been reshown because it was stored on one of the new fangled yet short-lived digital formats. This is where this silly ContentID actually stops archiving from happening.

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