Instagram Nickleback parody

Look at this coffee foam,
Now look at this pretentious tome,
Now look at this garden gnome
I’m friggin Michelangelo!

It hurts and is funny cos it’s true – you know I used to enjoy taking pictures of old doors and ducks years before Instagram & all the hipsters took to moblogging…

I use Instagram cos it’s convenient for uploading across several sites, but really the filters bar maybe one make me wince…and I’ve noticed I tend to take less pictures, not more as the explosion in digital social photography goes nuclear. It just seems to devalue the moment, nothing is special or unique with everyone else clicking all the time rather than being the oddball rifling through skips with my old Pentax KX?

Everyone taking pictures of strange junk in the street, shop fronts, skies rather than it being an art-student thing that got me funny looks for years. So I just mostly stopped. I’m all about the unrecorded moment nowadays – far too much junk being recorded for reality show byte-size disposable 2-second enjoyment. It really is the X-Factor of photography, a popularity like-fest. Sadly it seems all new media things go that way.

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