Dumb ways to die and viral activism

That is brilliant…1) get cute complete earworm of a song 2) make cute video in the style of Happy Tree Friends 3) Insert sneaky message 4) Profit. Well in internet dollars anyway.

And at last a viral video that doesn’t give you heartburn on the payoff, it’s for a good cause 😀 (via Twinkleboi)

Talking of viral videos that give you a bad after taste, what’s with someone taking off the ending of that CCTV Coke advert and resharing it? WTF? Bad enough with sponsored tweets and endless commercial like posts, without getting deluged with subliminal soft drink ads…LoveEverybody maybe (not so sure of all the causes they support – it seems to be LoveUSMilitaryForces), but please leave out the CocaColaCompassionâ„¢ for the Like Generation. Really my StopKONY alarm is ringing.

Relatio Clash

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