Gangnam Time

Psy is Too Legit To Quit and so brings on the 90’s king of funny dances and funny pants, MC Hammer at the American Music Awards last night. As Thomas (Jeb’s other half) said over on Facebook – ‘kind of brilliant. And obvious, when you think about it.’ Does Psy really shout ‘MASHUP TIME’? Will this open the floodgates to MORE Gangnam mashups? I hope not…well unless they’re actually as fun as this.

Glad for Psy also – I’ve heard people say that his success will mean more K-Pop and non-english tunes might get into the charts or get promoted. I hope so, because although Gangnam Style is a novelty hit it would be great to see more languages in the US & UK charts. It’s too English centric by half.

Relatio Clash

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