Braces Tower – Eleven Twelve (Instamatic HQ video)

As you might have guessed from past videos I LOVE Sesame Street, and the amazing animations are no exception. Pinball Count from the 1970’s is a classic, and so is braces tower’s classic remix from 10 or so years ago. There is an old video of this by Gordyboy but I wanted something high quality to play out and also do something a little different, not just use Pinball Count animation as that gets a little boring after a minute or two, so I added in various Sesame Street clips such as Rolling Ball, Ladybug’s Picnic, 11 Dogs, D is for Disco (several of those!), Lost My Cookie at the Disco – how many can you spot? Again will be airing this video and many others at Kleptonite on the 10th Nov.
And yes the original is by the Pointer Sisters, you might see them pop up briefly in the video 😉

All video copyright belongs to Sesame Street (and the audio I guess?) so go support the excellent work they do and go buy their DVDs, they’re ace – I made this from various Old Skool and 40 Years of Sunny Days releases I own! Great fun.

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