American study finds file sharers buy 30% more music not less

This study’s findings isn’t new nor the first music sharing study to find this fact out. But still the music industry says the bug eyed monster is file sharing and sues it’s most fervent fans for sharing music which actually leads to more sales, not less.

This has been proved also in other digital markets such as eBooks – Cory Doctorow and others have found giving away a book for free to share actually raises the sales of future books and rather amazingly, increased sales of the book given away free too. It shows that if people like something they will support it…what it probably hurts is the mass-produced dross that most people feel meh about, that they’d not buy anyway.

I’d say ticket scalping and high prices for legitimate downloads vs CD are more destructive. I mean why are digital downloads with minimal overhead cost MORE than a physical product such as the same album on CD most of the time? They should be less, surely? (Via Ian Fondue)


    • February 24

      Yes that’s what the study says?

      I’ve added ‘more’ to the title, but really, it wasn’t hard to work it out!

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