Eclectic Future

More glimpses into the future – this time via the Research and Development arm of Eclectic Method. Ties in rather nicely with the Disney post and me watching Red Dwarf X and earlier episodes again. I must say I prefer the dystopian future to the 50s’ shiny one – much more realistic. (via Solcofn)

P.S. That robot dog saying ‘Woof Woof’ pretty sure it was used on The Orb’s Towers of Dub – ‘hello I’m krang!’ – what film is that?


  1. Andy Harris
    October 15

    Robot dog featured here and in Towers of Dub is from Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”. Sounds from “Sleeper” pop up all through UFOrb.

    • October 19

      ahh! Thought I recognised it but couldn’t remember where…

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