Eclectic Future

More glimpses into the future – this time via the Research and Development arm of Eclectic Method. Ties in rather nicely with the Disney post and me watching Red Dwarf X and earlier episodes again. I must say I prefer the dystopian future to the 50s’ shiny one – much more realistic. (via Solcofn)

P.S. That robot dog saying ‘Woof Woof’ pretty sure it was used on The Orb’s Towers of Dub – ‘hello I’m krang!’ – what film is that?

Relatio Clash

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  1. Andy Harris
    October 15

    Robot dog featured here and in Towers of Dub is from Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”. Sounds from “Sleeper” pop up all through UFOrb.

    • October 19

      ahh! Thought I recognised it but couldn’t remember where…

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