Mutant Pop 6: I’m Allergic to Bootlegs

Final post on Official Bootleg Nostalgia Week on Radio Clash (there will be a reprise, oh yes in the next few weeks) and the final Mutant Pop compilation. I share Official Bootleg Nostalgia Week with C-Tel over at the Acid Ted blog, well I’ve only just named it that but we seem to be inspiring each other to explore bootleg/mashup history in the same way as two old blokes telling war stories down the pub 😉 To this end he’s interviewed me and part one is over at his blog now where I finally reveal a great mystery of the last 8 years, Miss Marple style.

Anyway back to this compilation…longtime listeners to Radio Clash podcast will start to feel familiar with this collection, as I didn’t realise til I re-listened to it recently but I think this is where the idea of the podcast started to coalesce – before podcasts even existed. Odd covers, parodies, remixes, mashups – it’s all there with a definite beginning and an end. Which makes sense as this is from the start of 2004 – 11 months later I started the podcast.

Only WTF? moment is The Darkness remix – it’s a good remix but I cannot stand that track now, and barely did then so no idea why I added it. Also this one is the most dated; with the Dictionaroke (using Dictionary words to create a cover over a Karaoke backing – inspiration for The Doctor Sings in later times methinks) and Kill Bill references, the rise of Beyonce and Fiddy Cent, The Rapture, Goldfrapp and one of the few Blur mashups that isn’t ‘Girls and Boys’ before the Parkspliced album.

I remember I was a big fan of Don (Pirate Soundsystem) aka bloup_doll’s work and Dropbass, and ended on a classic: (Robb) Pop Bastard’s S Club 7 vs Rob Dougan mashup. I don’t think this collection is as successful as previous ones, probably why I stopped doing them – but there are some lost classics on there.

You might recognise the cover if you remember the Mutant Pop forum (RIP) and then recycled for the Mutant Pop artists blog theme – I reused it there. And the subject line? Why it’s a closeup of pollen, nicked from a science stock art book!

Mutant Pop 6 (104 Mb Mediafire)

  • Dropbass – Kill Beyonce (Beyonce vs Tomoyasu Hotei)
  • Beyonce Knowles – In Da Club (50 cent answer)
  • 50 Pence – In Da Pub
  • SCO Network – Bad Symphony (Michael Jackson vs Hybrid)
  • Kylie Minogue – Got To Have Slow Love (Eye-Dols Splice ‘n’ Dice Remix) (Mantronix vs Kylie Minogue)
  • Christina Aguilera – Dirty (G Sweet Remix) (Christina Aguilera vs Diana Ross)
  • Frenchbloke and Son – Childrens TV Theme Number One
  • IDC – Spread Your Machine (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club vs Goldfrapp)
  • Lionel Vinyl – There a doctor on the train? (The Timelords vs Goldfrapp)
  • Freelance Hellraiser – Supersimon
  • Pop Razors – Louie Louie (Iggy Pop vs Pop Razors)
  • blo_updoll – House of Glamour Girls (Chicks on Speed vs The Rapture)
  • Lionel Vinyl – House Of Dutch Lovers (The Rapture vs Missy Elliott)
  • blo_updoll – Be Nasty To Me Baby (Janet Jackson vs ?)
  • The Darkness – Crazy Thing Called Love (Big Bad Baz Remix)
  • Braces Tower – Eleven Twelve (Sesame Street/Pointer Sisters vs Braces Tower)
  • blo_updoll – Sex On Cocaine (DJ Yoeri vs Vitalic)
  • Soundhog – I Feel You Really Caught Me On Edge (LCD Soundsystem vs Kelis vs Donna Summer vs The Kinks vs Rockers Revenge)
  • Lionel Vinyl – Death of a Piss Up (Blur vs Freddy Fresh vs Scanty)
  • DropBass – Mary is a Foo Fighter (Mary J.Blige vs Fatboy Slim vs Foo Fighters)
  • Pop Bastard – S Clubbed to Death (Rob Dougan vs S Club 7)
  • The Former Yugoslavia – Easy

Full Series: Mutant Pop 1Mutant Pop 2Mutant Pop 3Mutant Pop 4, Mutant Pop 5

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