Mutant Pop 5 – Got the Glitch remix cutup bug

By volume 5 of the Mutant Pop series I was starting to theme them, becoming more like my sets at the time, with a beginning and end and themes between the tracks. As the title says this volume covers the rise of glitch, the mashup originators started branching out towards original tracks and remixing. Cutups closer to the spirit of Negativland also started popped up, usually of a political or humorous sort. (At one DJ occasion Kirk, who gave me Cassetteboy’s Parker Tapes, banned me from playing Fly Me To New York).

Eminem and Missy were still triumphant, but also joined by Electric Six’s Gay Bar which was started by a Remix XFM competition.  Like the legendary Without Me Boomselection remix competition – which GHP’s original version of A Slim McShady was part of, his first bootleg no less –  it also unleashed a deluge of Gay Bar boots on the scene. Who won that XFM competition btw?

Richard X makes a re-appearance, this time not as Girls on Top but a track from his excellent then debut album X-Factor, the female voice might sound familiar, it’s Deborah from Flying Lizards, early 80’s noiseniks/new wave popsters!

And Beyonce starts her ascension, her solo career away from the ever-present Destiny’s Child (I must be the only bootlegger from those times who never made a DC boot?) and you’ll hear more from her from the last volume.

The first track wasn’t the whole track,  just the ‘Digital, Not Analog’ ending hence it being called that on the artwork…I’ve included the original full track here (and the Soundhog bootleg, which I had to fade early due to space on the CD) as well as the ‘proper’ random meaningless title. Which might have seemed a laugh at the time, but doesn’t half become annoying when trying to find something on that album. As does those who don’t tag their work, another annoyance that comes to haunt over the years! Also a few of these suffered from MP3Rot, I don’t think people realise how fragile this legacy is.

Mutant Pop 5 (Dropbox, 113Mb) or listen/download individual files at Bootleg Archive

  1. Cassetteboy – TR 389 SH L82 TR380
  2. Loo & Placido – DJ Love Affair (The Notwist vs Curtis Mayfield vs Indeep vs Daft Punk)
  3. SleazyBoy – Crazy in California (Red Hot Chilli Peppers vs Beyonce)
  4. Go Home Productions – Sly Beyonce Walks Like A Nerd (Sly and the Family Stone vs Beyonce vs Bangles vs NERD)
  5. Lionel Vinyl – Slooo-weee (Kylie vs Mark Ronson)
  6. Kelis – Milkshake (McSleazy flavour)
  7. Missy Elliott Vs Soundhog – Pass That Dutch (Double Ditch Edit)
  8. Lionel Vinyl – Owner of a lovely butt (Yes vs Sir Mix-a-lot)
  9. Churchill – Hear Missy Work It (Missy vs Chad Jackson)
  10. Poj Masta – Chopped Up Chic Freak (Chic vs Missy Eliott vs PojMasta)
  11. Richard X – Lemon/Lime (with Deborah Evans-Strickland)
  12. Braces Tower – It’s Your Birthday (50 Cent vs various)
  13. Counter Corporation – I Hate You Tupac (Kelis vs 2Pac)
  14. Bavor aka Soundwasta – Let It Be Me  (Shaggy vs The Beatles)
  15. Soundhog – A Day In Tracy’s Life (Mogwai vs Kid Loco vs The Beatles)
  16. Go Home Productions – A Slim McShady (2003 clean-up) (Wings vs Eminem)
  17. SleazyBoy – Wicked Superman (Chris Isaak vs Eminem)
  18. Mos Def – Leavin On A Jet Plane (SCO Network Remix)  (Mos Def vs Craig David)
  19. Cassetteboy – Fly Me To New York (Featuring DJ Rubbish)
  20. Skatter – Madonna Is A Filthy Slut (Madonna vs Skatter)
  21. Go Home Productions – You Make Me Feel XTC (XTC vs Sylvester)
  22. bittersoundfoundation – No More Gay Bars (Stranglers vs Electric 6)
  23. Eminem Vs Jacknife Lee – Cleaning Out My Closet
  24. SleazyBoy – Crying Gay  (Electric 6 vs Kym Marsh)

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