M.Y.B.O. GYBO mix

Ian Fondue – M.Y.B.O. 1 by Ian Lloyd on Mixcloud

Just found out I wasn’t alone in posting a mix tribute to GYBO – this one from Ian Fondue is closer to what I’m planning in part two*, a nostalgic look at what was good about GYBO in seasons past. Some real classics here, apart from one from that fool DJNoNo – can I return it for a refund? 😉

Also check out his T.W.I.T.A. mix, some really nice moments – always loved ‘Sweet Ecstasy’ and have played it out, not released but I should drop it in a podcast, I thought I had in fact!

* in fact I suspect I might be in part the cause cos he listed a fair few of these on this very blog in my request for GYBO related bootage 😉

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  1. Ian Fondue
    August 21

    Hope I didn’t steal your thunder for part 2. If you ask me a question like that I go all Sex and the City (And that got me thinking …) and next thing I’d put something together. I am quite aware that there’s not much from the second 5 years in there – think I’d got a bit jaded by then hunting for stuff …

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