First Ugandan Pride

Great to hear that about 100 brave LGBTQ activists in Uganda held their very first Pride on Saturday! According to this blog post and the New Yorker article it was in Entebbe and mostly went off without hitch, apart from police arrests later on in the day because someone complained there was either two men kissing or a ‘gay marriage’. Apparently the situation hasn’t improved much despite the US State Department giving them the annual Human Rights Defender award.

Also love this slogan that apparently was chanted and on t-shirts ‘We are here’ – simple but refuting the crazy statements saying ‘there are no gays in Africa/Uganda’ – similar to statements about Iran and other places who see being gay as some ‘western disease’ which not only being completely wrong, same-sex attraction is across many cultures and also different species in nature, it’s a strange anti-western feeling because other ‘western diseases’ are electricity, phones, TV, Christianity, medicine, computers (invented by a homosexual too!) etc. – are they going to reject all those too?

All photos by David Robinson.

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