Killer cops

The picture above from The Real Art of Protest is all I really need to say about the PC Harwood verdict. Disturbingly just before the Olympics that the Met can harm and kill without impunity – even when filmed they get off. Even with a history of bad behaviour that other police criticised. ‘One bad apple’? How about a whole fucking orchard?

The real shocking thing is I wasn’t surprised at all by the verdict.

Still maybe Simon Harwood could go teach at Leeds or Sheffield University like Dr Alan Murray – the man who similarly ‘didn’t kill’ Blair Peach. I have said in the past ‘shame there weren’t any cameraphones in those days’ but I take that back. It wouldn’t have made a damn difference if ‘Officer E’ or one of his buddies he knows had been filmed bouncing their police radio off Blair’s head, no-one in recent times (1990) has ever been successfully prosecuted for a death in police custodyall 1,433 of them.

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