New mashup video: Crazy Rabbit by LeeDM101

I’ve created a rather lysergic video for LeeDM101‘s Crazy Rabbit mashuo – taking Seal’s Crazy and mixing it with Unkle’s Rabbit in Your Headlights and The Doors – Break On Through.

Lyrically the Seal song suggested a trip – what with all the pill mentions etc – and I’d just got into several LSD exploitation movies – namely The Trip and Psych Out! These movies portended to show the evil menace of the new hippy/acid culture, but actually was an excuse to have popular bands of the day and show lots of nudity, sex and freaky visuals. So I couldn’t resist mixing the two – especially as Psych Out! has some amazing car/fire tripping bits. And I LOVE the Unkle video, it’s a classic.

And yes that is Peter Fonda – rather a change from his usual straight (ahem)-laced roles.

If you like this then I think you’ll like the video I did for Lee’s Radioactive Tubular Girls a while back.

Download or stream the mashup here:

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