Reggie Watts

As a respite to the Jigglee Jubbly nonsense (rain rain rain rain) here’s what I suspect is the American Beardyman (although rather more stream of consciouness, although all the beatbox and improv stuff is all there) Reggie Watts with his ‘Fuck Shit Stack’ song. I saw his TED video and it’s was good, but this and his live version of this at Just for Laughs is REALLY funny. Love how it skewers all those bullshit RnB/hiphop cliches. AND you can sing along! NSFW as you might have guessed, then again NOTHING is Safe For Work on this blog. It’s a very unsafe zone, for workers. Doing work stuff in work time. A post might fall on you or soem scalding comments (yeah right) spray out from a pipe. This is real, yo.

(Me neither)

What I love about him is he talks in extremely good accents so often you don’t really know what his real accent is (I wondered if he really had an English accent, no Dick Van Dyke cockernee), and although he does the silly songs he seems to take them and his humour a little too far for all of the audience’s comfort zone into more experimental territories sometimes (although admittedly this is America, that’s not that hard).

I do think TED should invite Beardyman to do a talk now.

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