Fuck the Jubilee

Fuck the jubilee! Cos you know it’s not worth it! Fuck the IOC! Stop wasting our money! Great 😀 If I’d heard this before I’d done the Stuff the Jubilee show this track by The Dirty Rich would have been a dead cert…love it. You can buy it over at Junodownload or Trackitdown.

In more Crazy Olympics news, you apparently have to ‘arrange’ to protest now according to the Met Police:

“If you want to protest, speak to us beforehand so we can manage your right to peacefully and lawfully protest.”

And they will be ‘pre-arresting’ people who are deemed troublemakers BEFORE they do anything. Not only very Minority Report/ ‘pre-crime’ but also pisses on all of the ‘you’re actually free!’ bullshit we’ve been fed over the Jubilee. Free to do what? Wave some flags and watch some rich people party?

On a funnier note – Gary Barlow Trapped In Queen’s Arse.

EDIT: Toby Dylan aka Twinkleboi’s just posted this excellent mashup of the Dirty Rich track – he moves fast!

Relatio Clash

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