Her Breath Is The Wind video

Since the world went crazy for my Fleetwood Mac vs Sia mashup (well the world if sized 15,000 people on Soundcloud, and many more off the Bootie blog and CD 😉 I wanted to do a good video for it. This has been really hard to do, partly because I used the only good Rhiannon live performance (which is only unofficially available and in low quality) in the video for White Witch Dub

So here’s a video closer to my artworks and collages, of birds, plants and aerial shots taken from old studio process shots (thank you Archive.org!) and nature documentaries which I think fits the feel of the mashup better than a performance band vs band video, and is also more original. Which makes it harder actually – also it’s my first full video in Avid Media Composer – I did the MC101 course years back but never did anything with it. So a major learning curve there!

You can still download the MP3 on my mashup blog.

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