Riding the booster

I’m a sucker for space footage, as anyone whose seen the Videotones mashup videos I did will attest! And this is amazing, it’s footage of what happened to the boosters used to propel the Shuttle up to orbit, including launch and splashdown – I didn’t know they re-used the rockets. And for once you’ll want to leave the YouTube annotations on, because rather than spamming you with useless unrelated stuff this has comments from someone who knows their stuff (NASA?) and is fascinating. (via Simon Whalley)

Make sure you listen to the sound on it’s own (the spooky groaning sounds in orbit are well worth it) but may I suggest this music from Daniel Wang – Berlin Sunrise (Discjokke remix) as an alternative soundtrack? I just happened to have it on when I was watching and it fitted perfectly – modern space disco at it’s best.

Relatio Clash

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